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Virgo Weekly

Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Weekly free horoscope just for you Virgo. Read your Virgo weekly horoscopes to get an insight ahead from the week's overview, love, career and more.

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Virgo Horoscope Overview This Week

Week of Sep 21, 2020

You’ll be extra empowered to go after professional opportunities that reflect your values and dreams while the self-image-oriented sun moves through your second house of income from September 22 to October 22. Putting yourself out there in a diplomatic but assertive way during this period could lead to concrete financial rewards. 

Then, you’ll be connecting and making plans with friends, loved ones, colleagues, and higher-ups left and right after September 27 while your ruling planet, messenger Mercury, moves through your third house of communication until its retrograde begins there on October 13. All this cerebral energy might actually be a bit overwhelming for you, so be sure to take time-outs to prioritize your self-care, which could look as simple as a five-minute stretching session or pre-bedtime meditation app routine. 

Virgo Love Horoscope This Week

A philosophical approach to romance is highly fruitful as the week begins. Look at things in context rather than in isolation. By Tuesday (and through the middle of the week), your logical side is in control, but remember when you're voicing your thoughts that the listener may be more emotional. Gentle, now! Friday and Saturday look super, with the possibility of a sweet stolen moment with a certain someone. Keep your plans for Sunday loose. There's lots happening, and something spectacular could suddenly come up.

Weekly Flirt - Your brain is running like a finely tuned supercomputer as the week begins—yes, even more so than usual—and you can solve any problem that you set your mind to. Use this analytical might to run the numbers and double-check details, but it's up to you to communicate the results in a way that won't be misunderstood. On Wednesday or Thursday, look to others for energy and support, especially friends, and especially women. Take the initiative and organize something fun. This weekend, starting with Friday, don't get too hung up on sticking to schedules and plans.

Virgo Business Horoscope This Week

You're the master of details as the week begins, so scour documents—e-mails, memos, spreadsheets—to make sure you don't miss anything. Your fine eye for minutiae will pay off, and others will be quick to praise you for it (provided you're not trying to make them look bad, of course!) Midweek, get others organized to help get the ball rolling. It's a good time to interact and share energy and ideas—and many hands really do make light work. On Friday, try to maintain flexibility. Things don't always go as planned.

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