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Leo Weekly Horoscope

Weekly free horoscope just for you Leo. Read your Leo weekly horoscopes to get an insight ahead from the week's overview, love, career and more.

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Leo Horoscope Overview This Week

Week of Jul 13, 2020

Look out for psychological or work-life balance wins on July 14 when the confident sun, your ruler, currently moving through your twelfth house of spirituality opposes fortunate Jupiter in your sixth house of daily routine.

Then, it’s likely you’ll get swept up in your daydreams and romantic fantasies with your significant other or another special someone on July 19 when the emotional moon forms a harmonizing trine to mystical Neptune in your seventh house of partnership. Now’s a sweet time to let those desires and wishes wash all over you, and then see if you can channel them into a work of art or another creative outlet. You could realize just how necessary it is to occasionally lose your grasp on reality and wade in the deep end of your dreams.

Leo Love Horoscope This Week

Romance is in the stars right off the bat this week, with Monday and Tuesday looking pretty sweet for those of your sign and those lucky enough to be your companions. Lose any ennui and have some one-on-one fun. Watch the ego midweek. All this attention could go to your pretty head, so be sure to compliment someone else. By Friday and through the weekend, it's more gloriousness in the love department. Make it even better by devising a date that's unprecedented and unforgettable.

Weekly Flirt - Dig down deep. You're usually happy to skim the surface, relying on your warmth and charm to smooth out any troubles. But early this week you'll need to slow down and drill down into what's happening around you. Does somebody close need a helping hand? Is somebody else trying to manipulate you? Only your observational skills (along with an extra dose of intuition) will tell. Come midweek, passions will flare—the good, romantic kind, not the angry kind. You'll be an irresistible flirt without even trying, and others will just want to bask in your energetic glow. This weekend, go after what you want and help others do the same.

Leo Business Horoscope This Week

Don't accept anyone's initial explanation for recent events. Take all the time you need early this week when reaching a final decision, and look as deeply as you can. Big changes are coming this week, and you can work them to your advantage without trying very hard. You'll likely feel excitement about your gig that you haven't noticed in a while. This excitement could easily harden into a kind of arrogance, so watch your ego and try to make sure everyone is on the same side.

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