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Leo Weekly Horoscope

Weekly free horoscope just for you Leo. Read your Leo weekly horoscopes to get an insight ahead from the week's overview, love, career and more.

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Leo Horoscope Overview This Week

Week of Sep 21, 2020

You’ll get a burst of self-assuredness around all those to-dos on your calendar and social plans you’ve been wanting to make while your ruler, the confident sun, moves through your third house of communication from September 22 to October 22. Asserting yourself is generally easy, but now, you’ll feel even more centered in the way you’re approaching these everyday interactions. It can be a fruitful time to brainstorm alongside colleagues or discuss a big picture pitch with friends. 

And from September 27 to October 13, communicator Mercury makes its way through your fourth house of home life before its retrograde there. Take advantage by having any crucial conversations with loved ones and getting organized in a way that makes it easy to set yourself up for improved work-life balance in the weeks ahead. 

Leo Love Horoscope This Week

Warning: The start of the week may contain a romantic challenge. Rise to meet it by laying low. A wait-and-see approach works best. A friend wants to have their say about your love life between Tuesday and Thursday. Take time for a little chat. Their perspective will likely make a ton of sense. You're warm and cuddly on Friday and Saturday, and you might even want a little coddling. Set up some you-appreciation time with a partner or friends. Sunday's the most romantic day all week, and there's more to come. Plan accordingly!

Weekly Flirt - You don't need a cheerleading squad on the sidelines to shout out the obvious: It's all about teamwork as the week begins. Trust in the power of the people to make things happen. There's no rule against having fun on Monday or Tuesday, right? Midweek might get a bit more subdued as you find yourself more prone to introspection and meditative moments of intuition. The weekend, starting on Friday, finds you at your brilliant best—creative, confident, and chock-full of charm.

Leo Business Horoscope This Week

The week begins with a burst of teamwork. This time, instead of taking the lead, let someone else take charge. You might be surprised by what you learn from listening to their ideas (who knew your co-workers were so impressive?) Others will be inspired by your warmth and helpfulness toward the middle of the week (even if it's just a kind voicemail or e-mail), and you can expect success in any new undertaking. On Friday, get a lot done instead of racing off into the weekend. Not only is your creativity blossoming right now, but others will be happy to help out.

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