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Scorpio Monthly

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Free Monthly Horoscopes for you Scorpio. Read this month's horoscope forecast Scorpio to get an insight about the month ahead from love, business and more.

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Scorpio Horoscope Overview This Month

Month of Sep 2020

There’s a full moon in fellow water sign Pisces on September 1 that lets you know your month is off to a good start. Your intuition is heightened, and your dreams are vivid and meaningful. Use your creativity to paint someone a picture, either literally or figuratively.

Your co-ruler Mars goes retrograde while in aggressive Aries, the other sign it rules, on the ninth, taking away some of your confidence. Just because you lost a bit of your competitive edge doesn’t mean you’re out of the game, but you’ll have to work a little harder to let people know you’re still a contender.

Mercury is in fair-minded Libra as it squares your co-ruler Pluto in hardworking Capricorn on September 20, giving you a warning to watch what you say, how you say it, and who you say it to. Your goal should be to avoid confrontation, but if someone wants to get in your face over and over, you’re not going to keep backing down.

When Mercury enters your mysterious sign on the twenty-seventh, good luck to anyone who tries to get to know you better. You have a natural wall up that’s preventing people from getting in, and you also have some major trust issues. It’s not impossible, but it will take someone pretty special to get you to open up.

Scorpio Love Horoscope This Month

As the full moon rises in kindred water sign Pisces on September 1, you embrace the sensitive emotional energy it brings. You have a soft spot for the underdog now, and you might give someone a chance who others consider to be “out of your league.” If you’re already in a relationship, your compassion for your partner is obvious and appreciated.

When co-ruler Mars goes retrograde in Aries, the other sign it rules, on the ninth, it can cause relationship conflicts and arguments. You’re used to being in control, but you could lose a good bit of confidence during this transit. It’s possible you’re fighting more with yourself than the person you’re arguing with.

A Mercury-Pluto square on September 20 leads to some deep thinking and potential suspicion. You might also resort to passive-aggressive tactics to get the information you’re looking for, which isn’t advised. They say all is fair in love and war, but in this case you might be jumping the gun.

Communicative Mercury meets up with your determined sign on the twenty-seventh, and no fact is trivial to you. You have a deep-seated desire to get to the heart of the matter that could scare off potential new loves. If you have a long-term partner, they’re probably used to your intense questions, but right now it’s like you aren’t happy unless you’re peering directly into their soul!

Monthly Sex - The full moon in Pisces brings you erotic fantasies that could lead to big discoveries on September 1. Who and what are you fantasizing about? If you have a lover, bring up your dirty dreams when Mercury enters Libra on the fifth. They could become a reality. Take a risk when Venus enters Leo the next day. It will pay off eventually.

Don’t let your sharp tongue ruin your night when Mars turns retrograde on September 9. If you do lose your temper, make it up to your lover when Jupiter goes direct on the twelfth. You might get lucky. Put your stubbornness aside to compromise when the new moon is in Virgo on September 17. Give a little and you’ll get pleasure back.

Your sexiest day is when Juno enters your sign on the twentieth. Mysterious, erotic, and stunning, you’ll feel powerful in your sensuality. Do what you want! That risk you took at the beginning of the month pays off when the sun enters Libra on September 22. Enjoy it! Let your lover spoil you when Mercury enters your sign on the twenty-seventh. You deserve some pampering. Revisit your fantasies one more time when Saturn turns direct the next day.

Scorpio Business Horoscope This Month

You might have money on your mind these days, Scorpio. This is very much a month for you to be extremely careful when it comes to your spending habits and take care of those bills or debts. You might have to weigh your options regarding a job offer or opportunity that doesn't seem quite right yet. Maybe the offer is something you've wanted for a long time, but the circumstances just haven't felt right. Trust your gut on this. Only you know what is right for the Scorpion!

Mars retrograde influences your passionate self through this month, starting on September 9, and you could be pulled in several directions and feel inclined to act quickly. This is a trick! Take your time, and know that the long game is what you’re going for these days.

You get so much respect from your peers and colleagues that even if you casually step away from the limelight, you will still have a place to shine in the months ahead. Focus on pivotal steps that you missed while you were out hustling, and you’ll know why this is going to be such a beneficial lesson for you to tackle. Consider working with a business counselor or mentor to help you get an outsider's perspective at the new moon in Virgo on the seventeenth.

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