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Sagittarius Monthly

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

Free Monthly Horoscopes for you Sagittarius. Read this month's horoscope forecast Sagittarius to get an insight about the month ahead from love, business and more.

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Sagittarius Horoscope Overview This Month

Month of Mar 2020

When talkative Mercury enters brainy Aquarius on March 4, your conversations might be over some people’s heads. You can try to dumb things down by using smaller words or breaking down tech talk, but the simple truth is that you just have a lot more going on mentally right now than most people you know.

You have a new moon in powerful Aries to look forward to on the twenty-fourth, which should relight a fire under you and send you back down the path toward getting what you want. If you’ve lost sight of what that is, the Aries new moon reminds you that you’re destined for success.

Loving Venus forms a trine to your home planet Jupiter on March 28, and as one of the most anticipated transits this year, it can act as a bandage for a lot of hurtful situations you’ve been involved with lately. Shopping is a much-loved pastime now, and you love buying souvenirs on your trips and adventures.

Fierce Mars moves into the smart sign of Aquarius on the thirtieth, and you’re overwhelmed by your own abilities. Your main focus now might actually be to help other people, and you make great strides in charitable causes. Donate your time, money, or both in order to make the difference you’d love to see take place in the world.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope This Month

Your conversations flow easily and freely when communicative Mercury meets up with airy Aquarius on March 4. This is an ideal time to talk about anything that’s considered unconventional or weird with a partner or date.

A new moon in impulsive Aries on the twenty-fourth renews your passion for someone (a current partner or an ex) and encourages you to do less talking and take more action. Because you have extra energy now, it’s a good time to plan adventurous or extreme activities with the person you choose to spend your romantic time with.

A much-anticipated Venus-Jupiter trine on March 28 puts you in an optimistic mood and makes you feel like everything is going to be okay. If you’re in a committed relationship, you feel deeply that you’re destined to be together. If single, look for signs that point you toward your soul mate.

Powerful Mars moves into airy Aquarius on the thirtieth, giving you a clear mind and the ability to revolutionize the world. Love can be a radicalizing force, and you can use it to make the universe a better place. Start with your own personal relationships and try to work up to something bigger.

Monthly Sex - We all have an idealized version in our heads of what we want our relationships to be like. However, if you hold everyone to such high standards, you bed will stay empty. Don’t lower your standards, but keep an open mind when Venus enters Taurus and Mercury retrogrades in Aquarius on March 4. Romance comes when you’re relaxed.

Take care of your emotional health when Mercury goes direct on the ninth. You can’t get it on when you feel down.

Stress gets the better of you when Mercury enters Pisces on March 16. Allow yourself to be vulnerable with your date. They could offer you the emotional support you need.

Romance gets hot in the bedroom when the sun enters Aries on the nineteenth. You’re really feeling each other—in every way.

Work your body on the dance floor when the new moon is in Aries on March 24. People can’t stop looking at you! Your sex appeal is off the charts and that could lead to a steamy night. Take the next step with your lover and suggest a trip when Mars enters unique Aquarius on the thirtieth. See if you can get a membership into the mile-high club.

Sagittarius Business Horoscope This Month

Since December 2017, Saturn has been transiting Capricorn, highlighting your finances, commitments, values, and self-esteem. This has put pressure on your commitments and a financial situation. You may have had to curb expenses and be more discerning about where you invest your money, time, and energy. 

Now, Mars is transiting Capricorn, bringing home the lessons of the past two and one-half years, asking you to have greater self-awareness and faith in yourself and dig deeper for your values. 

Mercury stations direct on March 9 as the full moon aligns in Virgo, marking the end of a professional cycle and bringing important information to the surface. This is a chance to renegotiate essential arrangements and move things to the next level professionally. Remain detached in negotiations, and don’t be afraid to draw lines where necessary. You have a lot to give, and you’re worth a lot more than you give yourself credit for, but how you value yourself is what determines the resources and relationships you attract. 

Saturn enters Aquarius on the twenty-first, and remains here until 2023, lifting a sense of financial limitation and burden. Over the year, expect to have more to play with when it comes to finances, but remember your lessons. Then you can invest your energy wisely, multiply resources, and save for a rainy day. This is a chance to make wise choices that pay off well into the future and invest in what brings you a sense of reward every day. Above all, your greatest achievement will be a life well lived, and that’s priceless.

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