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Pisces Monthly

Pisces Monthly Horoscope

Free Monthly Horoscopes for you Pisces. Read this month's horoscope forecast Pisces to get an insight about the month ahead from love, business and more.

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Pisces Horoscope Overview This Month

Month of Sep 2020

The full moon in your compassionate sign on September 1 is a sign for you to be more empathetic and caring toward your fellow humans. If pets are on your mind, consider volunteering at a shelter or giving your time or money to an animal welfare organization whose views align with yours. No matter how you help, your efforts matter.

Loving Venus enters outgoing Leo on the sixth, giving you a bigger voice and allowing you to take the initiative regarding love and money. Big moves aren’t usually your style, but right now you feel confident and empowered. Go for it, Pisces!

When driven Mars goes retrograde in equally powerful Aries on the ninth, it has the opposite effect. A dip in your energy could have you questioning whether or not you can finish a project you just started, and a lack of motivation hurts your confidence. You’ll pull out of this slump, but it might be a while.

Success-driven Saturn goes direct in hardworking Capricorn on the twenty-eighth, pulling you out of your tailspin and setting you back on track in both personal and business pursuits. Your goals are crisp and precise, leaving you little wiggle room, which is just what you need to reach the success you’re looking for.

Pisces Love Horoscope This Month

Can the full moon in your sensitive mutable sign on September 1 help make positive changes in your love life? Yes, Pisces, it can, if you’re open to suggestion. Let your subconscious embrace other people’s advice so that you can use it to steer yourself toward something better and well deserved.

When love goddess Venus enters the Lion’s confident kingdom on the sixth, you’ll become a little less shy and a lot more outgoing. Look with pride on your past romantic accomplishments, and look forward with excitement and anticipation. If you’ve done your best, there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

The power duo of Mars in Aries goes retrograde on September 9, which actually produces a calm and almost unsettling energy. You don’t feel a big urge to compete with anyone for your partner’s or crush’s affection, even if you feel like someone out there is a legitimate threat. Since there’s probably not a lot you can do to influence the outcome one way or another anyway, this is a time to sit back and let the pieces fall where they may.

Enjoy the determination and inner strength that comes with Saturn in ambitious Capricorn turning direct on the twenty-eighth, though. This is a transit that teaches you that believing in yourself has a huge payoff.

Monthly Sex - The month starts with a lucky break when the full moon is in your sign on September 1, getting you in the mood to make some magic. Get busy or send some flirty sexts, especially when Mercury entering Libra makes you extremely sensual on the fifth. However, all this pleasure may overwhelm you when Venus enters Leo the next day. Slow down!

As autumn takes over, you may find a chill in your heart and bed. When Mars turns retrograde on September 9, you may think you aren’t getting enough attention from your lover. Pay close attention to discover what they’re hiding when Jupiter turns direct on the twelfth. Confront them when the new moon is in Virgo on September 17. Don’t keep these feelings bottled up.

Take a break from lovemaking to reconnect with yourself when Juno enters Scorpio on the twentieth. Do some serious self-care when the sun enters Libra two days later, even if it doesn’t look sexy. As Mercury enters Scorpio on September 27, remember that you don’t owe anyone your body or your heart. Thankfully, you’ll be feeling sexy and ready for some fun by the time Saturn turns direct the next day.

Pisces Business Horoscope This Month

You've got it going on through the month of September, Pisces! There is a genius to your creative flow these days. Ideas could seemingly pop out of thin air without any rhyme or reason. It’s a helpful time to go with the flow and appreciate the process ahead of you.

Following your instincts is your best bet these days, even if you feel a little locked into one physical space or setting with Mars turning retrograde in Aries on September 9. Maybe your hours at work have changed, or you’re looking to change the game for yourself. Either way, the universe is aligning so you can tap into that inner channel that you know you have going for you.

You'll feel more taken care of when the new moon in Virgo in the seventeenth solidifies a contract of some kind, helping you on both a social level and financially. If you’re looking to get a new job, it’s the perfect month to work on your resume. Put it out there that you’re ready and willing to do something new. Your ability to manifest will see the results of the seed you plant in the weeks ahead.

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