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Libra Monthly

Libra Monthly Horoscope

Free Monthly Horoscopes for you Libra. Read this month's horoscope forecast Libra to get an insight about the month ahead from love, business and more.

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Libra Horoscope Overview This Month

Month of Mar 2020

Romantic Venus forms a square to hardworking Saturn on March 3, making it difficult at times to maintain the harmony in your personal relationships. This upset in energy causes a shift in the way you interact with each other and can create an aura of mistrust. Feeling lonely can be a temporary but painful side effect.

Talkative Mercury enters eccentric Aquarius on the fourth, so you might want to have lengthy conversations about odd, bizarre, or strange things. Some very interesting ideas can be exchanged now as long as you talk to the right people, Libra.

Your home planet Venus enters luxurious Taurus the same day, making you crave the best of everything. At the same time, you’re interested in being frugal, which can be quite the challenge. This is a good time to go bargain hunting with an eye toward long-lasting, classic pieces versus fads, knockoffs, and cheaply made junk.

Loving Venus trines lucky Jupiter on March 28, creating an optimistic feeling that everything is going to be okay. Your life is pretty good when you think about it, Libra, and even if you’ve had some bad luck recently, that’s all about to change. Trust the process. The universe is looking out for you.

Libra Love Horoscope This Month

There’s an unbalanced Venus-Saturn square on March 3 that disrupts the harmony in your love life. If you’re currently in a relationship, things could get rocky quickly. If you’re single, roadblocks put in your way now make you wonder if love’s even worth pursuing.

Communicative Mercury joins forces with interesting Aquarius on the fourth, showing off the unique aspects of your personality. This is a good time to bring up taboo topics with your partner or explore the unknown with a date. When you’re interested in something now you tend to talk a mile a minute, so at least there won’t be any awkward silences!

When your power planet Venus enters stubborn Taurus on the same day, you stand your ground firmly when it comes to love-related topics. If your partner or a date tries to change your mind, good luck to them! You have to hear extremely compelling evidence in order for you to even think about reversing your opinions.

Passionate Venus pairs with expansive Jupiter on March 28, showing you how vast the universe is and how many places you might find love. If you’ve already found your soul mate, consider yourself lucky. For those still looking, don’t rule out finding true love in another city, state, or country.

Monthly Sex - You’ve got a major case of the feels this month, Libra, thanks to Venus entering Taurus and Mercury retrograde in Aquarius on March 4. Everything about the person just turns you on. Shower them with compliments, and they’ll show how grateful they are. Keep it going for some mind-blowing orgasms when Mercury goes direct on the ninth. Don’t forget the sweet talk!

Be honest with yourself and your partner when Mercury enters Pisces on March 16. Are you looking for a fling or something more serious?

Don’t get nervous when your partner seems quiet and distant when the sun enters Aries on the nineteenth. They’re really just busy, so don’t fly into a jealous rage. If you’re still feeling anxious about your relationship when Saturn enters Aquarius on March 21, have a deep conversation about your relationship. Don’t pretend that everything’s fine.

Get sensual with your love when the new moon is in Aries on the twenty-fourth. Really explore each other’s body to be connected. However, when Mars enters Aquarius on March 30, put love on hold and hang out with your friends. They could have you some insight on your relationship, as well as offer a lot of laughs.

Libra Business Horoscope This Month

Saturn has been transiting Capricorn since December 2017, highlighting matters of security and laying the foundations for a new life and career. This might have meant relocation, starting over from the ground up, putting down roots, cutting ties with the past, and/or highlighting a family business, among other things. Now, Saturn is in its final weeks in Capricorn and offering a chance to clear up unfinished business before entering a new chapter of creating a new life.

On March 9, Mercury stations direct in Aquarius just as the full moon aligns in Virgo, drawing you inward to contemplate, rest, and recharge. You’ve been working hard, and you can create the life of your dreams, a life that gives to you and the world. But you have to dare to acknowledge it to yourself first. 

Saturn enters Aquarius on the twenty-first, and remains here until 2023, highlighting your creativity, confidence, inner child and self, and ability to take risks. Over this period, you’re birthing a labor of love, which means there will be labor pains. Let your heart be in whatever you do. The hours can pass like seconds when you’re absorbed in a task. 

You’re forming important creative and financial partnerships. You have a safety net, financial and emotional support, and a lot to gain. This is a chance to release past (perhaps childhood) insecurities that have held you in their grip and prevented progress. Let actions speak louder than words, and by the end of the month you’ll know who is in your corner and ready to take a risk with you.

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