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Libra Monthly

Libra Monthly Horoscope

Free Monthly Horoscopes for you Libra. Read this month's horoscope forecast Libra to get an insight about the month ahead from love, business and more.

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Libra Horoscope Overview This Month

Month of Nov 2020

Mercury is in your fair-minded sign when it goes direct on November 3, so you should be able to get your communication issues back on track faster than some other signs. Because you’re willing to listen and compromise, your relationships probably haven’t suffered as much as some others in these last three weeks. Count your lucky stars!

Your home planet Venus squares expansive Jupiter on the sixteenth, bringing good luck that won’t last long. You’re more than ready to have fun, and if you have work waiting for you, it might get shoved aside in favor of a good time. It probably can wait, but you might have an unpleasant surprise waiting for you when you finally get back to it.

The bold sun partners with fire sign Sagittarius on November 21, bringing exciting, spontaneous energy into your life. Your thirst for knowledge will be unquenchable now, and you’ll want to talk to as many people as possible to hear and learn from their life experiences. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest, and you’re ready to embrace it head-on.

The full moon and lunar eclipse in intellectual Gemini on November 30 pique your curiosity, but you might not get all the answers you desire. An inability to focus on just one thing or listen completely now keeps you restless and somewhat disappointed in the kind of people you meet.

Libra Love Horoscope This Month

The good news is that communicative Mercury is in your sign at the start of this month, allowing you to whisper sweet nothings with poise and grace. The even better news? Mercury goes direct on November 3, so frequent miscommunications and misunderstandings can soon be a thing of the past.

The square between your loving home planet Venus and lucky Jupiter on the sixteenth can cause fleeting good luck, which might be more trouble than it’s worth. You can’t (and shouldn’t) get used to the idea that destiny can kiss your romantic boo-boos and make them all better. Unfortunately, right now there’s no instant cure for feeling unlucky in love.

The vibrations coming off the fiery combination of the sun pairing up with Sagittarius on November 21 are exciting and bold. Take risks with love now, Libra, because they might very well pay off.

There’s a full moon accompanied by a lunar eclipse in the restless sign of Gemini on the thirtieth that could cause small ripples or huge waves in your love life. This lunation is full of unpredictability, and your curiosity takes you to new and possibly dangerous places. Let your common sense keep you grounded as you navigate unfamiliar terrain.

Monthly Sex - Wow, Libra! Your sex life just got a major boost thanks to Mercury going direct in your sign on November 3. Free from the retrograde, you’re extra charming, flirtatious, and ready to get it on. Go for it! However, this sexual high doesn’t last long. Ceres entering dreamy Pisces on the ninth slows down your sex drive. Don’t get too discouraged. It will come back.

If you feel distant from your lover, try to win them back on November 10, when Mercury enters Scorpio, by focusing on what makes them feel good. They will happily return the favor when Mars goes direct in Aries on the thirteenth.

Stick to the facts when the new moon is in Scorpio on November 14. Don’t make promises you don’t plan to keep. They will haunt you later. The sexiest day of the month is the twenty-first, when Venus enters Scorpio and the sun enters Sagittarius. You look hot and are ready to get it on with someone who worships your body and mind. By the time the lunar eclipse is in Gemini on November 30, you’ll feel just like you did at the start of the month: desirable and ready for love.

Libra Business Horoscope This Month

Thoughts become things. Keep that in mind this month because you’ll be turning your ideas into actions during the last days of November.

The caveat you face in the first half of the month is that you’re focusing too much on what others have and not a lot on how to bring your unique gifts to light.

November 14 could force you to put your money where your mouth is and allow you to start working on projects once you receive financial backing to do so. But the question is are you ready?

Don’t go full steam ahead with your plans until you know for sure that you’re able to craft and create the best version of your dream for all the world to see. If you have faith in yourself and trust the process, then you’ll be able to bring such a vision to fruition when the sun glides into Sagittarius on the twenty-first.

Until then, it’s best to focus on your plans and map them out for guidance. Even discussing them during the lunar eclipse on November 30 will be helpful for turning your goals into reality. Have patience and trust the process this month.

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