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Cancer Monthly

Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Free Monthly Horoscopes for you Cancer. Read this month's horoscope forecast Cancer to get an insight about the month ahead from love, business and more.

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Cancer Horoscope Overview This Month

Month of Sep 2020

Your sensitivity reaches new heights during the psychic Pisces full moon on September 1. Whether you’re committed to doing something small for a loved one or something on a larger scale for the world, your loving attitude during this lunation helps make the world a better place.

Venus is in your sensitive sign during her square-off with powerful Mars in Aries on the fourth, creating a lot of tension in your closest personal relationships. Finances might also get caught up in the crossfire of this aggressive cosmic battle, leaving your bank account or credit in disarray. When all is said and done, you might need to call in professional help to resolve things.

Powerful Mars goes retrograde on September 9, adding to the stress you might already be feeling between you and a loved one or co-worker. This isn’t a compromising energy, Cancer, so wait until the aggression dies down before you suggest a truce.

Mercury enters investigative Scorpio on the twenty-seventh, which should help you do research on a topic you’ve been interested in lately. This transit helps you find out what you need to know while remaining, in large part, anonymous, so if you’ve been wanting to stalk someone’s social media pages, this is a good time to do it without getting noticed.

Cancer Love Horoscope This Month

You’re attracted to and deeply connected to other water signs during the Pisces full moon on September 1. If you’re with someone who isn’t an emotional person, it can start to wear on you now. If you’re single and looking, focus on people who don’t make you feel bad about opening up and sharing your emotions.

A square between Aries Mars and Venus in your sign on the fourth creates tension in a love-related situation, especially love triangles and other complicated connections involving more than one other person. To say things will get messy before they get better is an understatement.

You gain back some of your emotional footing when aggressive Mars in powerful Aries goes retrograde on September 9, but you probably won’t be able to use it to your advantage right away. This is a low-energy transit, so sitting back and thinking about your next move is preferred over jumping right into action mode.

When Mercury meets up with fellow water sign Scorpio on the twenty-seventh, you hold all the cards. You aren’t sure how you want to play them yet, but you definitely enjoy the feeling of being in control. If there’s a way to tease or prank a current or potential lover, you’re all in. You love to see the reactions to your trickery!

Monthly Sex - Flexibility is the key to happiness this month, Cancer, and we’re not talking about in bed (though that is a plus). Come in with an open mind when the full moon is in Pisces on September 1 to get maximum pleasure.

Indecision ruins the mood when Mercury enters Libra on the fifth. What do you really want? Luckily, Venus entering Leo the next day will you give extra stamina to go all night—if you want.

The retrograde of Mars on September 9 kills the mood as you’re forced to deal with issues in and out of the bedroom. Thankfully, Jupiter turns direct on the twelfth to bring you good vibes and great orgasms. The best day to get laid is when the new moon is in Virgo on September 17. Get it, Cancer!

Take a risk when Juno enters Scorpio on the twentieth and you will be greatly rewarded. You’ll feel extra romantic when the sun enters Libra two days later. Plan a special night with your lover when Mercury enters Scorpio on September 27, but don’t be afraid to cancel when Saturn turns direct the next day if you aren’t feeling sexy. Your lover will understand.

Cancer Business Horoscope This Month

There's a lot to consider these days, Cancer, and it might feel like a tough call for your emotionally guarded sign right now. The wheel of fortune has been turning and really asking you fully step out of your comfort zone these days. This could be very tough for you if you've been beating yourself up about something or have felt stuck in one place for many years.

This is your time to take the reins and direct that chariot where you want to go. It might even mean that you’re considering a move for work-related purposes. Whatever it is, there is something old that is leaving your life this month that really doesn’t serve your best interests any longer.

You have to trust your instincts and know that you have what it takes to fully succeed. Even as the challenge of Mars retrograde in your fellow cardinal sign of Aries begins on September 9, you will be able to see through the fight. You know just what it takes to survive anything, and this is really no exception.

The vernal equinox on the twenty-second will help pivot this energy into a more satisfying direction and help recalibrate you at the deepest level for more fruitful times ahead.

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