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Aquarius Monthly

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

Free Monthly Horoscopes for you Aquarius. Read this month's horoscope forecast Aquarius to get an insight about the month ahead from love, business and more.

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Aquarius Horoscope Overview This Month

Month of Sep 2020

As technology-driven Mercury teams up with mild-mannered Libra on September 5, you make an excellent online facilitator, counselor, or customer service representative. Fairness is your number one priority now, and you’re committed to making sure that all parties are satisfied.

A Venus-Uranus square on the fifteenth puts you in an awkward position when you’re the last to know some surprising or unexpected news about a financial situation or perhaps a current or past lover. Was someone afraid to tell you the truth, or was it an oversight? Finding out the facts is the first step in being able to process what’s happening.

Mercury enters mysterious Scorpio on September 27, at which point you’ll think playing hard to get or similar mind games is sexy or cute. And depending on who you play them with, they could be. You should have the ability to judge the reactions you’re getting and go from there.

Hardworking Saturn goes direct in goal-oriented Capricorn on the twenty-eighth, and this positive change of direction is just what you need to get going on an important project. You’re more than happy to follow the rules; in fact, you thrive under strict supervision now. You can do it yourself, but it’s important to you that you prove your worth to people higher up on the ladder of success. After all, they’re already where you aspire to be.

Aquarius Love Horoscope This Month

As information guru Mercury teams up with fair-minded Libra on September 5, a lot of things should click into place. This balanced energy loves to bridge the gap between differences, so this is the perfect time to patch up any outstanding disagreements. Be as fair and nonjudgmental as possible.

The Venus-Uranus square on the fifteenth challenges the stability of a current relationship or causes you to doubt a potential one. If you’ve been feeling confined or smothered lately, this transit will increase your claustrophobic state of mind. Whether you’re attached or single, you value your freedom.

You normally don’t mind posting about your love life on social media or telling your friends about a date, but you aren’t as eager to share the intimate details when talkative Mercury teams up with tight-lipped Scorpio on September 27. For the next couple weeks, you prefer to keep your passionate experiences to yourself.

When committed Saturn goes direct in dedicated Capricorn, the sign it rules, on the twenty-eighth, you have a renewed commitment to your romantic goals. The rewards you seek are up ahead—you just have to be willing to work to reach them. The Goat’s ambitious energy can help you climb higher than ever before.

Monthly Sex - Let’s be honest, Aquarius. Your biggest erogenous zone is your brain, so you may be lost in your daydreams when the full moon is in Pisces on September 1. However, when fantasies aren’t enough, engage in some mental foreplay when Mercury is in Libra on the fifth. Banter can be naughty. However, when Venus enters Leo the next day, don’t forget about your emotional desires as well.

The retrograde of Mars on September 9 may leave you feeling scattered. Bang (or sext) out all those bad vibes. Things turn around when a certain someone catches your eye as Jupiter turns direct on the twelfth. Reel them in with your fine mind when the new moon is in Virgo on September 17. Maybe doing a crossword together is the new foreplay?

Try something new when Juno enters Scorpio on the twentieth. You might discover a new turn-on. Sensual pleasures continue when the sun enters Libra on September 22. You’ve got a good thing going, so enjoy it! You feel your sexiest when Mercury enters Scorpio on the twenty-seventh. You’ve got the brains and the body. Spend time thinking about what really turns you on and you may discover a new fantasy when Saturn turns direct the next day.

Aquarius Business Horoscope This Month

You have to look at things from both sides, Aquarius. You have nothing to be afraid of these days because you have the experience under your belt to back you up. You've seen it, you've lived it, and now you’re here to teach it. That is the true you!

As Venus enters Leo on September 6, this will provide you with the sense of balance and freedom you've been craving. Maybe someone in your professional world has been brought to you as a reminder of where you came from. And now it’s time for you to really understand why you’re here. You are asking the bigger questions in life.

Mars turns retrograde in Aries, starting on the ninth, calling to your need to communicate on a new and different level. The lesson could be for you to take control of this area of business. If you've either been too aggressive or not aggressive enough, you'll find a happy medium as the weeks go by. This is all part of the journey that you signed up for. You’ll glide through this, gaining many fans along the way. Remember to speak up, do the right thing, and stand tall in your fabulous power!

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