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Leo Personality & Traits

Date: July 23 - August 22 Zodiac Element: Fire Zodiac Quality: Fixed Sign ruler: Sun Detriment: Saturn Exaltation: none Fall: none Lucky day: Sunday Lucky color: Gold and Orange Lucky numbers: 1,4,5,8 and 9 Lucky flowers: Sunflower and Marigold Lucky gemstones: Ruby, Sardonyx Lucky metal: Gold

A Leo person is ruled by the Sun which is also a source of energy for us. A Leo person shows resemblance to the nature of the Lion. They are dominant and like to be leader. They are naturally brave and like to play with challenges in life. They are creative, determinant and ambitious. They feel pride in making. Like a Lion, they like royalty. They are attracted to luxurious and easy life.

Positive points:

The dominant Leo person is very positive towards the life. They live their life to fullest. They believe in their creations and are self-oriented. Leo person believes in giving. They stand still to their decision and doesn’t like to compromise. They can be very energetic and posses a good physical strength. They are anxious and helpful in nature. If they have interesting work to do then they will devote themselves in to it. They get angry quickly but also forgive back. They are social and like to discuss things with other people. They are popular due to their talkative nature, charisma, nature of sharing time and money.

Negative Points

Leo person can be arrogant while proving his point to others and they are involved in arguments. Leo people are lazy; they seek comfortable and luxurious life rather than working hard. They are not good at judging the characters of the people and choose a person according to the favors. They would like to party and spend lots of money; this can spoil them and their friends too. Leo people seek attention from others and want them to appreciate for their work but if for some reason they couldn’t get it then they can go in deep depression. They are demanding in nature but they sometimes fail to give.

Best matches:

Aries Sagittarius Gemini Aquarius

Incompatible signs:

Capricorn Pisces

Leo in Friendship:

Leo person is social, due to which he makes number of friends. Most of the times Leo people take some time to test the person and when they feel that person is worth the trust then they become friends with them. Leo person can be a good Friend who will be there for life. People around them cherish Leo person’s presence. They would help their friends to complete their dreams and encourage them. They like to keep their friends happy and they won’t mind spending money on their friends. They would often take their friends for some grand dinner or present them with gifts.

Leo in Relationships:

Leo person is natural charmer. With their spirituality they make excellent lover. They are loyal and sincere to their partners. They would like to be loved by their partner. They are attracted towards the opposite sex and seek physical relation from them. They should accept when it’s their fault or their nature of dominance would hurt their partner. If they lose the interest in their partner, then they are likely to have multiple love affairs in their life and this can lead to the failure of marriage.

Leo in Professional life:

Leo can have advantage of being dominant and ability of leading the team. They have ability to become a manager or chairman of the particular organization. Leo person believes in a higher performance and achieves it with creativity. Leo can have good communication with his sub-ordinates and co-worker. He can handle the human resources in professional life and get work done from them. They often choose the place to work that will get them appreciation. They believe in putting a good impression on other people. They are good at marketing and sales. They are keen to get fame and would do anything to get it.

How to Attract Leo:

In order to attract the Leo person you just have to pay attention to them and they will automatically fall for it. They don’t even care if you are faking it, they just want complements from you. Make them laugh and keep them happy. They like royal things in their life, so take them at social gatherings or for a dinner at good place. Offer them the best and they feel surprisingly royal. They are also concern about their presentation and looks, so you would have to dress to look good and attract them.

Cultural Translations

French: Lion Portuguese: Leão Italian: Leone German: Löwe Arabic: Asad Spanish: Leo Turkish: Artãn Hebrew: Aryë Greek: Nemeaeus Persian: Shïr Hindu: Asleha / Simha


It is advisable to the Leo person that you should have some patience and tolerance while dealing with other people. Even if you want others to follow you and your idea then win their confidence and explained it to them properly. Having softer approach may help you proving your point. You should think twice before arguing as it can cause the problem with other guys with dominant nature.

Famous people with Leo sign:

Napoleon Bonaparte Bernard Shaw Henry Ford Beatrix Potter Edith Hamilton Orville Wright Jacqueline Onassis Neil Armstrong Jennifer Lopez Bill Clinton Arnold Schwarzenegger Madonna Ciccone J K Rowling

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