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Cancer Horoscope Overview Today

Tuesday: September 22, 2020

Don't flinch if someone delivers you some disappointing news today. Deep down, you probably knew it was coming. And if you weren't prepared enough to handle this news with ease, don't worry about how things will turn out. Instead, focus on the smaller issues that you can do something about. There are actions you can take to ease the sting of this news. Don't let yourself get drawn into the drama. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and carry on.

Cancer Love Horoscope Today

Flirt - Chill out when the boss comes calling -- or anyone else who's in power. It's just too easy to say something you might regret later (or immediately, if it's that kind of boss you have).

Singles - You've watched your friend make this mistake before, but can you really stop them? Let's face it—you've had a repeat or two yourself when it comes to the romantic road to nowhere. Just live and let live.

Couples - What's cooking? Right now, the answer is you! You're heating things up, and not just in the kitchen. Let's hope your partner ate a good breakfast because they'll need a lot of energy to keep up with you.

Cancer Finance Horoscope Today

Don't worry about money for the day. If you're not sure how to avoid the subject, focus only on the domestic front. Dinner parties, homemade lunches, socializing with friends -- anything but the budget is fair game.

Cancer Teen Horoscope Today

You feel incredibly stressed out -- for no good reason! Try not to rush yourself today, though, because what you really need to do is slow down and take care of everything one step at a time.

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