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Cancer Horoscope Overview Today

Monday: November 30, 2020

If you can manage to get through whatever the universe has decided to toss your way at the moment, which will be very interesting, you can get through anything. Whether it's an authority figure, partner, good friend, or anyone else who throws a monkey wrench in your day, you'll be gracious, smile, and do whatever they ask with no complaints. Won't they be surprised!

Cancer Love Horoscope Today

Flirt - Folks are extra weird today, and might find that even people you think you know well are behaving oddly. Don't put too much stock in it, though -- it's just a temporary shift in energy.

Singles - Don't let an explosion of anger wreck your day. If you feel ready to lose your mind, just step out and catch your breath. Someone is watching you, and a temper tantrum might cast you in a negative light.

Couples - Sweethearts share secrets, dreams, dinners, but you're probably better off not mingling every single thing in your lives. A few boundaries actually help your love grow. You're two people as well as a romantic unit.

Cancer Finance Horoscope Today

Do something for yourself for a change. Whether it's a cheap lunch or a visit to the dollar store, you deserve to nurture yourself in the old fashioned way. The consumer in you deserves it.

Cancer Teen Horoscope Today

Work together with a friend or sibling -- you should find it easier than ever to use teamwork to get what you want. It may be short lived, or it may lead to something more permanent.

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